2018-2019 Concert Schedule

All six ensembles perform in three annual concerts, one Pops concert each for 7-8 and 9-12, and a combined 7-12 Pops concert. The early 9-12 Pops concert is for small group acts or solos.  The 2018-2019 Concert Schedule is as follows:

  • 9-12 Pops Scholarship Concert – Friday 9/21/2018, LCHS Auditorium @ 7:30pm
  • Fall Choral Concert – Wednesday, 10/10/2018, First United Methodist Church, Pasadena @ 7:30pm
    Dress Rehearsal, Tuesday, 10/9/2018 2:45pm-5:50pm, First United Methodist Church Pasadena
  • Winter Choral Concert – Tuesday, 12/11/2018, First United Methodist Church, Pasadena @ 7:30pm
    Dress Rehearsal, Monday, 12/10/2018 time TBD, First United Methodist Church Pasadena
  • 7-8 Pops Concert – Friday 2/1/19, LCHS Auditorium @ 7:30pm
  • Spring Festival Concert – Friday, 3/8/2019, First United Methodist Church, Pasadena @ 7:30pm
    Dress Rehearsal,  Thursday, 3/7/2019 time TBD First United Methodist Church Pasadena
  • 9-12 Pops Concert– Thursday, 5/23/2019, LCHS Auditorium @ 6pm & 8pm
    Dress Rehearsals,  Tuesday, 5/21/2019 and Wednesday 5/22/2018 time TBD

A dress rehearsal will be held one to two days prior to each concert.  Rehearsal times for each ensemble are announced in advance.

The Chamber Singers will perform two additional concerts in 2018-2019 as follows:

  • Winter Gathering – Thursday, 12/20/18, La Canada Presbyterian Church, @ 7pm
  • Farewell Concert – Saturday, 6/1/19, La Canada Presbyterian Church @ 3pm

Concerts are recorded by a professional company, and digital downloads, CDs, and DVDs may be purchased at or after the performance.  For more information, look on the media section of the website or contact the CPA CD/ DVD Chair, Jere Krischel (jere *AT*

Other Performances


All ensembles participate in choral festivals and/or competitions throughout the school year. Festivals give singers the opportunity to hear and perform for other high school choirs, as well as to be professionally critiqued.

Festivals are one-day events.  Students will miss part-to-all of one day of school.

Contracted Performances

(Chamber Singers only) The Chamber Singers are hired to perform at a number of outside events for which they may be paid.  These performances occur primarily during the holiday season. Income from these performances generally is used to subsidize special Chamber Singer functions.

Assemblies/Pep Rallies

Various choirs sing the alma mater at pep rallies and participate in school assemblies.


Transportation to local festivals and other events may be by chartered bus or in private vehicles.  Before driving to an event, parents must fill out the LCUSD Driving Form and provide a copy of their Driver’s License and their Insurance Liability page. Completed forms must be turned into Claudia Alequin in the LCHS office and approved prior to the date of the event.