The Choral Parents Association (CPA) is an organization of parent volunteers.  CPA was established to support services and funding for LCHS Choral Music Department expenses that are not covered by the LCUSD budget.  CPA is a tax-exempt organization, and donations to CPA are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Services provided by CPA include:

Financial support through membership donations, general donations, grants, and fundraising activities.  Funds are used to pay for:  sheet music, transportation, accompanists, instrumental musicians, piano tuning, classroom equipment and supplies, scholarships, festival fees, clinicians, auditorium rental, custodial services, awards and programs.

Administrative support through volunteer hours.  Volunteers coordinate communications regarding each choir’s activities to parents, event planning, fundraising activities, grant applications, concert program preparations, DVD/CD sales, website and calendar maintenance, and administrative and clerical assistance to the Choral Director.

Parents formed CPA in 1998 to assist with funding for expenses of the Choral Music Department.  Parents Sue Shanley, Terry Walker and Ernie Messner, among others, were instrumental in establishing CPA, including qualifying CPA as a non-profit organization.  For a more complete description of CPA’s purpose, review the CPA Purpose.