CPA Fundraisers

Because the amount allocated by the LCUSD to the Choral Music Department provides only for the Director’s salary and the accompanist’s school-day salary, CPA sponsors a variety of fundraising events and activities.

CPA Membership Drive

CPA’s greatest revenue source is parent donations through CPA Memberships.  For more info, see “Join CPA” above.

Program Ads

CPA sells ad space in the programs for the four all-ensemble concerts. Students going on a spring tour can earn money for their tours by selling ads.  Students sell ads in August and September to appear in all four concert programs during the year. To sell an ad, download the Business Ad Form, fill it in completely, and return the form and ad by September 20, 2017, to Barbara Cabello at barbara.cabello *AT* CPA also offers Tribute Ads to honor graduating singers. If you would like to purchase a program ad to honor your singer, please download the Tribute Ad Order Form and follow the instructions on it.


Song-A-Grams are “singing telegrams” that students sell to family and friends for $10 each. The telegrams are delivered by telephone in late November/early December. Choral Music Department families volunteer their homes, and students are divided into groups and given a list of song-a-grams to deliver. Participation in song-a-gram delivery is required for all 9th-12th grade singers, and all high school families in the Choral Music Department are strongly encouraged to sell 10 song-a-grams to aid in the scholarship fund which assures that no student is prevented from going on tour due to financial restraints. Singers in 7th and 8th grade may participate in selling and delivering song-a-grams if they so choose, but they are not required to do so. The revenue from a student’s first 10 sales ($100) goes into the scholarship fund; revenue from sales of 11-50 song-a-grams (up to $400) go into that student’s tour account. Money earned will roll over from year to year, so Song-A-Grams sold this year can be saved for future tours. Students who sell 40 or more Song-A-Grams must commit to singing in two SAG sessions. Song-a-gram sales take place in the late fall.  Contact Bryn Oh at bryn *AT* or Stephanie Fossan at sfossan *AT*


Funds have also been raised through investigation of appropriate grants and application for those grants. Questions can be directed to Susan Cunningham at sroincolo *AT*

LCHS Boosters Raffle Tickets

The Boosters support athletics, academics and extra-curricular activities across LCHS 7-12, including choral music. Booster raffle tickets are another opportunity for the Concert Choir and Chamber Singer students to earn funds toward their performance tour. All proceeds from a singer’s ticket sales will defray the cost of his or her tour by that same amount.  Raffle tickets are sold in the early fall.