2016-2017 Tour Information

Chamber Singers & Concert Choir International Tour

Sing In Italy Performance tour to Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Rome & Vatican City

Dates: Thursday, March 23 through Friday, March 31 2017

Mandatory Chamber Singers and Concert Choir parent Italy tour meeting to be held Tuesday, August 30 at 7 pm (immediately following the 6 pm choral parent orientation meeting).

Fund-raising opportunities are available to students to help defray the tour cost, including Concert Program Ad Sales and Holiday Song-A-Grams.  Please click on the “Forms” tab to download and print order forms.

Need based scholarships are also available.

See to the right or below for the Incantato Tour Brochure, Instructions for registering, and link to online registration.

For questions, please contact Tours Co-Chairs Anne Trujillo: anneltrujillo *AT* me.com and/or Shelby Grey: shelbylodergrey *AT* rocketmail.com

Men’s Ensemble, Women’s Ensemble and 7/8 Choirs will tour locally.  More information coming soon!

Shadow Tours

What are the LCHS Choral Artists shadow tours by iNSIDE EUROPE? In a nutshell, opportunities for a vacation experience alongside the choir tour. On either of the two proposed journeys, iNSIDE EUROPE offers one-of-a-kind opportunities to visit Italy & Vatican City at a relaxed pace. They include expert hosts and local guides, carefully selected and upgraded accommodations from our signature sightsleeping collection and plenty of free time for individual exploring. The daily activities will be customized to the actual traveler’s interest and concierge services to assist with individual plans (special museum visits, reservations, shopping) are also available. Travelers with iNSIDE EUROPE never have to worry about missing an iNCANTATO CONCERT TOURS performance by the LCHS Choral Artists. Transportation, as well as reserved seats, if allowed by the church, will also be provided. Travelers are also part of the exclusive after-hours private visit to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Two special joint meals with the performance tour participants and chaperones are another chance to share in the magic moments. For more information, please contact us via office *AT* inside-europe.com

Extension request: We ask every parent to please think about their student’s travel plans at this time as group airfare is restricted and only a limited number of seats are eligible for a delayed return. It is our goal to honor all extension requests for students whose parents/guardians are traveling with iNSIDE EUROPE. Seats with the extended April 2 return will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis and do not incur any extra fees. After the allocated seats are assigned, fares will likely increase significantly.

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Buongiorno & Ciao, Good afternoon and Hello,
from all of us at iNSIDE EUROPE and iNCANTATO.

As a response to the strong interest expressed in traveling alongside during the CANTIAMO registration process, we are offering two Shadow Tour experiences.  We have increased space on EPICurios, but recommend keeping this experience under 25 travelers. The current BELLISSIMA is limited to 44 travelers, as the Castle hotel in Rome only offers space for that number of guests. Rest assured that we can, and will, add a similar second edition of BELLISSIMA should the demand be greater. For the 2016 Mater Dei High School iNCANTATO tour, we welcomed well over 150 travelers through iNSIDE EUROPE, and have the expertise and contacts to do the same for CANTIAMO if there is interest.

Since our mission is to offer one-of-a-kind journeys, we refer to them as milestone experiences, we prefer to present tours with as many important elements already in place as possible, however can only confirm so many hotel rooms without actual travelers registered. Also, the earlier we make these bookings, the better the values we can pass on to you. Therefore, may I kindly urge you to register for these milestone opportunities at your earliest convenience, upon registration opening on Monday, September 5, 2017 and please do understand that once the deadline is passed, we may not able to accommodate new interest. The deadline to register for both of these experiences is Monday, September 12, 2017 unless the tours are at capacity before then.

I am heading to Italy in mid-October hosted by the Italian National Tourism Board ENIT to finalize the concert arrangements and hotels, after meeting with new and old partners at TTG, Italy’s most important B2B event.

Grazie mille! Thank you for your interest and patience, buon divertimento, I hope you enjoy browsing through the magazines which can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Sandra and all of us at iNSIDE EUROPE and iNCANTATO
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